Occupations / Jobs

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Occupations / Jobs

Post by Vegetto on Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:51 am

Government Jobs
Mayor - Operates city government; creates laws and organizes police
Police - City protection
S.W.A.T. - Heavily armed police
S.W.A.T. Chief - S.W.A.T. leader

Citizen Jobs
Citizen - just a regular guy
Hobo - builds a home in the streets, can beg for money
News Reporter - investigates news stories and interviews people

Service Jobs
Guard - provides private security for pay
Medic - heals players for free or for cash
Hotel Manager - coordinates operations within hotel

Dealer Jobs
Gun dealer - sells guns
Black market dealer - illegal guns, weapons, and abilities

Criminal Jobs
Gangster - operates under the mob boss to commit crimes
Thief - steals from others' bases with special raiding tools
Hitman - people hired to accept hits with valid reasoning
Mob boss - the man who organizes crime

Staff-Specific Jobs
Banker - gives away money

VIP-Specific Jobs
Pyro - has matches and gasoline to burn buildings
Terrorist - always KOS/AOS; kills government with bombs and AK47

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Re: Occupations / Jobs

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